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Regarding my MySpace post a few days ago about Entertainment vs. Information - there is a point at which the entertainment becomes so great that it trumps the need for audience information. This trailer reveals pretty much nothing about the plot of the movie itself, but you’re insane if you’re not going to be watching this thing opening night with a box of Junior Mints and a 32oz Slurpee. 

This is not an effective ad. Video ads should combine entertainment with education, and this lacks the latter. MySpace doesn’t have the luxury of being able to just throw out a crazy hype ad right now after a multi-year dark period - they need to tell users how they have changed, how they have learned, and how they are better (or at least different). It’s going to take more than Pharrell and Mac Miller cameos. To their credit, they did a much better job on this one. Short and sexy, with bits of relevant information.

This is why Apple wins. Simplicity, beauty, and focus on a few things. I’m sure the press will go back and forth on the upcoming features for awhile, but Apple wins. Slow-mo can be powerful if done right. I love this.


Jon Lajoie is brilliant. I’m a big fan of The League, so I might be a bit biased here, but I think this is one of the funnier YouTube videos in recent memory. The celebrity Kickstarter trend is only going to get more egregious (who can blame them? it’s free money!) and he really hit the nail on the head here.